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Although Instagram is not a forerunner in the social media niche, it has emerged as a strong contender in a space previously dominated by heavyweights like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram's appeal lies in its ability to transform mobile camera pictures into professional looking share-worthy images, buy instagram followers and it has spawned a massive social network of 300 million plus active users who generate around 70 million picture posts on a daily basis.In terms of engagement, Instagram posts get more likes and interactions in comparison to other social media platforms. On an average, Instagram posts get 2.5 million likes each day. And, major brands that are actively promoting themselves on Instagram report a per post engagement rate of which is a chart buster figure as far as engagement metrics are concerned. Clearly, Instagram is a fantastic platform for brand building and businesses are bound to benefit by building an active follower-base on Instagram. Instagram managed to become a popular social network, by positioning itself as a photo sharing platform. While other social media platforms also allow sharing of media files, Instagram gives its users a compelling reason for sharing their photos. The Instagram app provides a wide range of digital filters, which impart DSLR quality look and feel to pictures captured using mobile phone camera. It helps users convert their selfies/vacation pictures into stunning photographs, which creates an irresistible urge for sharing pictures.

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